Apex Racing Academy Gold Membership

From: £30.00

Choose below from our automatically recurring subscription available monthly or annually. Both options provide the same Gold Membership access!

Select options£30.00 Ex-Vat / month
Select options £262.50 Ex-Vat / year

  • Everything included within the Silver Package.
  • 2 x 1 hour 1:1 Coaching Sessions.
  • 1 year VRS Dedicated Subscription.
  • 1 year SDK Gaming Subscription.
  • In the Apex Racing Academy Discord Server, post in the “request-1-1-coaching” channel detailing the car/track combination required and your available time.
  • The coach will then contact you to organise the timing of the sessions.
  • Your 2 sessions can be at the same time or separate 1 hour sessions.
  • Bare in mind that there may not be immediate availability for your session, please try to give us much notice as possible so we can do our best to accommodate you.
  • With a dedicated Virtual Racing School Subscription you are able to access all ARA Data Packs on their service.
  • When you order this Gold Subscription credit is automatically applied to your VRS account for a Dedicated Subscription at
  • If you have an existing Dedicated or Competitive Subscription, then credit will be applied for your next subscription payment. If you do not currently have a paid VRS subscription then a Dedicated Subscription will be started for you using the credit applied.
  • SDK Gaming offers Live Timing and Overlays to drivers, streamers and broadcasters.
  • When you order this Gold Subscription an order for a 1 year license is automatically placed for you at
  • An email will be sent to the same email address you use for your Gold Subscription with links to the SDK Gaming software, Tutorials and Discord Server.
  • If you currently have an SDK Gaming subscription then this will not add additional length to your existing subcription. For example if you currently have 20 days remaining on your SDK Gaming Subscription, purchasing this product will only provide you with 1 year total access, not 1 year and 20 day total access.


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